Block #20: What is Web3?

Many people across the globe are working hard to redesign the current version of the Internet.

The problem? The vast majority of today's most-used Internet platforms are controlled by only a handful of powerful companies, which profit from the data users generate.

The solution? Web3!

But what is Web3? Essentially, it's the next iteration of the Internet, in which users can take back control from the centralized corporations that currently dominate the web.

If you want to learn more, Ki Chong Tran wrote a short yet very insightful post about Web3 and its predecessors.

Block #19: What are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens are all the rage these days, and people are paying INSANE amounts of money for some of them.

Earlier this year, for example, Beeple sold an NFT for $69 million!

But what the heck are NFTs, and how do they work?

Well, in case you wonder, Mitchell Clark recently published a fun and easy-to-read intro to NFTs that I think you will enjoy.

Block #18: Ethereum 2.0

You've probably heard that Ethereum will soon undergo a major protocol upgrade: Ethereum 2.0!

Eth2 will bring with it several new features like Sharding, Proof of Stake, a new virtual machine (eWASM), and much more.

I discovered an excellent EthHub article the other day that will walk you through the different phases of the upgrade. Especially if you've never heard of Eth2 before, you will enjoy this one.

Block #17: Audius

Audius is one of the most exciting blockchain-powered projects I've ever seen. Essentially, it's Spotify but decentralized.

Projects like Audius are precisely the reason why I'm extremely bullish on blockchain tech.

I strongly believe it's only a matter of a few years until all big tech monopolies will eventually be decentralized and, therefore, finally democratized.

Think decentralized Instagram, decentralized Twitter, decentralized Uber, decentralized LinkedIn, decentralized Airbnb, decentralized Amazon, etc.

There truly are great times ahead, folks!

To get started with Audius, just download it from your smartphone's app store, and you'll be good to go. Alternatively, you can visit their website here.

If you're interested in becoming a staker for the Audius protocol, check out their docs here. I also recommend you take a look at their white paper.

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